Putting - The 360° Look

Flat, sloped, uphill, downhill… which one is it? How do the pros read and make so many putts? The answer is, the pros often start their green reading before they even reach the green. As they are walking up to the green they are looking at the terrain of the putting surface trying to figure out their putt.  You will often see them walking to the other side of the hole once they have reached their ball and marked it. 

What are they really doing when they do this? Most will tell you they are getting a feel of the green. What does that mean? It is difficult to read the green with just your eyes so use the next best sense available to you and that is ‘feel.’ Walking around the hole getting a 360° look and using your feet to feel the slopes to see if the putt is uphill, downhill, left to right, or right to left will give you a better understanding of your putt. Reading the greens can be a hard and long process to try and figure out so start your green reading process when you start walking to the green and walk 360° around the hole to get a true feel of what the ball is going to do. This will take a lot of guess work out and you will make sure putts!

Greg Baresel is recognized as one of the top up and coming teachers in the golf industry. Golf Digest has named him as a top teacher under 40 and one of the best teachers in Illinois. Greg presents world-class golf instruction and coaching videos that are designed to improve your game.


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