Putting - Managing Expectations

Putting is often a stat that is tracked on scorecards, but it doesn’t always tell us how our putting is. If you make a 3 foot putt it counts the same as making a 15 foot putt. In addition if you 3 putt from 40 feet you may view it as a negative but in reality you are going to have 3 foots from 40 feet due to the length of the first putt. If you are going to record the number of putts on your card I would add one more valuable stat to help with short game. That stat is the distance of your first putt. For example if you chip on to the green and you leave yourself with a 10 foot putt and two putt I would see this as a poor chip instead of not making a one putt. Your putts per round with improve as you improve your proximity to the hole on approach shots and short game shots. The chart below shows how quickly you can improve your putting by getting your first putt closer to the hole. 

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