Strokes Gained Golf Stats

 You can’t watch a weekend of golf without hearing talk about stats and specifically strokes gained. If you are unfamiliar with the strokes gained stats it is okay. I will try to provide a simple explanation to help. It simply looks at the players in the field for that day or tournament and how a player is playing relative to the field. For example is the field average score is 3.5 on hole 4 and a player scores a 3 they gained a half of a shot on the field. Can this help us as everyday golfers? That question is stay out for debate but I do believe stats can help us with identifying key areas of your game and to help with managing expectations. 

This week we are going to take a look at driving and the importance of fairways hit. Distance is really dominating the game. Does hitting the fairway not matter anymore? It depends… It depends on how far you hit. Each week the winners on Tour tend to be long and straight! I know shocking! To help with the debate I have added a chart for Golf Stat Pro (@loustagner) showing the average score to hole out from the PGA Tour with drives in the fairway and what score it will equal from the rough. My take is playing from the fairway always trumps playing from the rough. This chart shows the importance of fairways hit. 

If you are looking for a great stat tracking program I highly recommend This is a great way to analysis your game and view your strengths and weaknesses. 

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