Analyzing Your Golf Driving Stats

As I look at driving stats over the last month I can point out how this player has had some penalties off the tee, tee shots that resulted in not having a shot at the green or having to many poor lies in the rough.  

All though these claims are true and we haven’t met our target handicap average, in this particular case this is not the most important skill to work on to lowering their scoring average. 

When we look at overall performance, driving is more of a strength than a weakness. Even though there were some penalties and drives that may have cost some shots it is definitely more of a strength and our performance is on “par” with our goals. According to the chart, putting is an area we would need to spend more time on even though our handicap is lower than chip/pitch and sand. We have more total shots when it comes to putting then the other two categories. 
What we can take away from our driving stats are it is key to keep the ball in play and minimize penalties. When you can move your miss from a penalty to not having a shot at the green you will save roughly half a shot to a shot on that hole. It is important to know what are truly your strengths and weakness and understand where you are losing shots so you know what to practice. 
If you are looking for a great stat tracking program I highly recommend This is a great way to analysis your game and view your strengths and weaknesses. 


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