How To Improve Your Golf Score

Being a thinker on the course and analyzing what shot you have in front of you will ultimately lead to success. I often see players find the yardage and pull the club they normally hit that far without any consideration of other elements that may come into play. When the shot is hit they are surprised that the ball ended up short of the green.

Some things to consider before you hit your shot is yardage, wind, uphill, downhill, pin location, and hazards. These are key essentials when selecting the correct the club. Golf is a game of misses and if you can put yourself in the right positions from tee to green you will have much better results. Play to your strengths and stay away from the part of your game that you do not feel 100% about. Next time you go to play take some extra time and breakdown the shot in have in front of you. Find all the factors that will affect your shot and choose the right club based on that. You will have better shots and in the end your scores will lower.


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