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People are always on the lookout for tips to make their golf game better.  Golf isn't an easy sport to master.  Those of us who love the game know that the more information you have regarding the swing, course management, putting, etc. the better the chance you have of scoring lower.  That's why we will take golf tips from almost anyone who's willing to offer.

So what kind of golf tips can I offer up in this article?  Space is limited, so I'll try to focus only on those tips that are most asked for.  First, if you have a bad temper, you probably shouldn't take up golf.  I'm just kidding, really.  Actually, golf can be good for your mental state.  You may find that you can take out your frustration on the golf course in productive ways and perhaps you can gain better control of that temper!

Since most people have trouble with their setup, our first set of golf tips will deal with the setup.

* Position your body so your body is parallel with the target line
* Your feet should be shoulder width apart
* For irons play the ball forward of center. Try to get the ball in line with your left eye for the right handed player.
* Balance your weight on the balls of your feet
* Bend your knees slightly and keep your spine straight
* Move your body from the hips and make it a smooth, fluent motion

Keep your eye on the ball until impact. Then your head will rotate with your body into a full finish position.  Do this with all shots.  Look at the back of the ball and don't take your eyes off of it until it's natural to look and see where the ball has gone.

When putting, the best golf tips I can offer up are:

* Visualize the path your ball will travel so that it will go in the hole
* Read the green and take into account any slopes that may cause your ball to change its direction.  Then you can compensate with your aim.
* The putting swing is a smooth, pendulum-like action with no wrist break.  You will swing with your shoulders and should always keep your body still.
* Be sure you put enough speed on the ball so that you will actually make it to the hole. The goal is if you miss the putt it should only roll past the hole about a foot in length.

Have a consistent pre-shot routine. Your routine should consist of the following:

* Observe - finding all possible options for the most successful shot.
* Club Selection - What shot can you execute 90% of the time and which club will give you the best chance to complete the shot?
* Visualize - Make a few practice swings visualizing yourself completing the shot successfully.
* Execute the shot with full commitment.
* Analyze the results. Did you hit the shot you wanted? If not, what can you do to improve it for next time? Don't let the result effect your next shot whether positive or negative. Treat each shot with the same routine.

If you would like to learn more about how to have a clear pre shot routine and what is best for you to work on click here to take the Mental Golf Workshop Profile. Once you take the 10 minute questionnaire the system generates customized information about you and your mental game tendencies, much like video and launch monitors produce customized information for working on your swing and customizing your equipment. The profile is built for self-coaching as well as for collaborating with your instructor or coach.  Your report includes "workshop" type exercises that will reinforce important mental game strategies and make it easy to self-coach yourself and improve your game. 

There are all sorts of golf tips out there to be found. In the end, it is important to focus on what is best for you. What works for one person will not always work for someone else. Stick to the fundamentals and your game will continue to improve and you will minimize your thoughts to have a clear process.


  1. A irons mid handicap is someone who plays with a handicap that is between 11 and 20, although there are no official level definitions. This generally means that you can shoot in the 80s in each round and break 90 in every other round.


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